Chaos Daemons Army List


Post either problems or solutions to problems to the Chaos Daemons Army List to the comments log here.
Current problems with the Chaos Daemons army list:
-Number of nurglings is clumsily represented
-No restriction on number of items for several HQ units (Heralds)-FIX, create a dummy item with desired quantity?
-The Changeling does not count towards maximum unit capacity, same with other seperate upgrade characters.
-D6 attacks on Beasts of Nurgle are not represented correctly.
-Wargear upgrades do not upgrade stats, even for single units.
-Inv stat is not shown, not that it matters much when it's the same as Sv in this list.
-Daemon Prince wargear should be restricted by mark, but is not. Have fun with your 490point Daemon Prince.
-Daemon Prince with Mark of Khorne can choose Psychic power.
-Deamon Prince with Mark of Tzeentch can not choose second Psychic power.