Chaos Space Marines Army List Issues


Post either problems or solutions to problems to the Chaos Space Marine Army List to the comments log here.
Current problems with the Chaos Space Marine army list:
  • Can not choose Twin-linked Bolter on Chaos Lord unless first choosing Combi-weapon
  • Terminator equipped Lords and Sorcerers must be chosen as seperate unit, no upgrade possible.
  • Champion upgrape on CSM Terminators is fucked. (Does not gain additional Attacks)
  • Weapon upgrades for squads >= 10 is fucked, also does not take into account Aspiring Champions. Maximum is always available.
  • Can not choose more than ONE power for a Sorcerer, regardless of Mark. -FIX with second dummy item
  • Dreadnaught may choose heavy flamer upgrade when it has no Dreadnaught CCW's.
  • Dreadnaught Attack stat does not degrade when no CCW's are present nor does it increase when having 2 CCW's
  • Dreadnaught can choose not to equip second arm.
  • The default Twin-linked Bolter on the Rhino is not on the list as this fucks up the pintle-mount option.
  • Raptors can take more guns than allowed(either 2 plasma pistols OR one of the other)
  • Pair of Lightning Claws are badly implemented (you can still take other weapons)
  • Chaos Spawn show 1 attack where they should have 1D6, same deal with Daemon weapons.
  • Summoned Daemons take up force org...
  • Special Items for <special> characters are not implemented.
  • Probably missing some <type> declerations.
  • cost for Personal Icon increases if toggled and increasing unit count -FIX toggle off and back on.
  • Should fix groupings of items, they are really shitty at the moment. (i.e. Pistols as a seperate group.)
  • It is impossible to build dual DCCW dreads right now.
  • Also, if you select a mark on a demon prince, then a spell, you can then change your mark without making the spell illegal.
  • So I can have a prince of nurgle with lash of submission.
  • assault marines can have 1 special weapon per 5 models, currently only one allowed period
  • the command squad should really be 4 unique veterans since they can have unique wargear per model. also no powerfists available in the entry
  • when you add a company champion the option to add another veteran to the squad becomes available, shouldnt be able to do it
  • no terminator armor options for HQs (im positive this has been mentioned)
  • no stormshield option for librarians
  • ironclad dreadnought is 135 pts base, not 165. the pricing for replacing the two built-in weapons with heavy flamers is different depending on which is replaced (10/5) respectively. ironclad missing hk missiles option
  • weapon entries all messed up for ven dread