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Bodger 3 Archetype Test

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Released: Jun 3, 2010
Updated: Jun 5, 2010 by MasterSlowPoke
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Release Notes

Ok so it's later and I've largely finished it. Right now the Space Wolves have their Troops written and one HQ unit. The equipment panel largely works now. If anyone wants to help out and write an army list, you can use the space wolf one as a guide.

The biggest thing I've added are "Archetypes". Remember back in the old bodger where everything fucked up if you wanted a Chaos Lord to have Terminator armor? All the prices change and there wasn't any way to get it to work outside separate units. Archetypes fix this. Here's how you use them:

<name>Battle Leader</name>
<upgrade applyToAll="false" name="Power Armour" cost="0" default="true" onUpgrade="Generic_ToggledUpgrades('Power Armour')"/>
<upgrade applyToAll="false" name="Terminator Armour" cost="40" onUpgrade="Generic_ToggledUpgrades('Terminator Armour')"/>
<unit name="Wolf Guard Battle Leader" base="Battle Leader" cost="70" minimum="1" quantity="1" maximum="1">
<archetype name="Power Armour">
<item name="Power Armour" default="true">
<item name="Runic Armour" cost="20"/>
<item name="CCW" default="true">
<item name="Power Weapon" cost="15"/>
<item name="Power Fist" cost="25"/>
<item name="Thunder Hammer" cost="30"/>
<item name="Bolt Pistol" default="true">
<item name="Boltgun" cost="0"/>
<item name="Storm Bolter" cost="3"/>
<item name="Combi-Flamer" cost="10"/>
<item name="Combi-Melta" cost="10"/>
<item name="Combi-Plasma" cost="10"/>
<item name="Plasma Pistol" cost="15"/>
<item name="Wolf Claw" cost="20"/>
<item name="Storm Shield" cost="30"/>
<item name="Frag and Krak Grenades" default="true" fixed="true"/>
<archetype name="Terminator Armour">
<item name="Terminator Armour" default="true" fixed="true"/>
<item name="Storm Bolter" default="true">
<item name="Combi-Flamer" cost="5"/>
<item name="Combi-Melta" cost="5"/>
<item name="Combi-Plasma" cost="5"/>
<item name="Power Weapon" default="true">
<item name="Wolf Claw" cost="5"/>
<item name="Power Fist" cost="10"/>
<item name="Thunder Hammer" cost="15"/>
<item name="Storm Shield" cost="15"/>
<item name="Chainfist" cost="15"/>
<item name="Melta Bombs" cost="5" category="Space Wolf Wargear"/>
<item name="Wolftooth Necklace" cost="10"/>
<item name="Wolf Tail Talisman" cost="5"/>
<item name="Mark of the Wulfen" cost="15"/>

Use the upgrades section to define the various archetypes. Generic_ToggledUpgrades(string wargearName) will make it so one and only one archetype can be selected - if you want to use standard upgrades and archetypes together you'll have to write your own python handler. Under the unit's equipment, throw in <archetype></archetype> sections and define the changing wargear there. Make sure to give them the same names as the upgrades.

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